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Military Watches: Quick Background


Military watches have obviously been named because they were designed for the use by the armed forces.

The initial military watches were for the navy, chronometers that performed well for their requirements. But with the increased demand during World War II by different branches of the military, there were major technological innovations. Nowhere was that more apparent than innovations that were made for aviators. As the old saying goes, “necessity is the mother of all invention,” and the Navigator (also called “Pilot”) watches were created.

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Mechanical Movements of Watches And Clocks


In the past, mechanical movements of watches and clocks are so abstract, so complex, and so beyond human comprehension that many seem to consider these as sorcery. Mechanical movements of clocks (watches especially) are so composite that those individuals with horological skills can only make the most perfect, fine tuned design, and make tons of wealth out of it. Just like a good winemaker or a boot maker, watch and clock makers are born out of strong tradition.

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Selecting a Good Wristwatch

Great tips on Selecting a Good Wristwatch

There are a number of factors that are important when selecting a good wristwatch. A watch may be the most significant accessory used by someone. The watch represents a multitude of different factors. It represents the person’s personality, character, interest area, taste, and finally provides a fair perception of their financial status.

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Selecting The Right Fitness/Sports Watch


For some reason, fitness and sports watches are generally large and have a durable physical appearance. This even includes sports watches for women. Women sport watches are commonly more useful in appearance compared to a more elegant or formal fashion timepiece. Generally, the first and most important thing to consider when picking a sports watch is understanding exactly what the function or purpose of the watch is. You can say that the reason for choosing a sports watch is really because you take part in sports, however, that does not automatically require a specific style of watch. Actually, people who take part in tennis might want a watch that seems to be more similar to a bracelet than the usual practical timepiece.

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