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The History of Military Pocket Watches


When clocks were invented, people were thankful that they can now assign and determine the exact time of the day. However, clocks big and immovable. They need smaller clocks that they can carry around with them.

This resulted in to the invention of the pocket watch, the first portable clock. The pocket watch was made in the 16th century. This was also the time that the spring driven clock was manufactured.

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What to Consider When Buying A Watch


There are anumber of things to consider when buying a watch. It is unwise to purchase a non-branded watch. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly the quality of build is often considerably lower for a non-branded watch so you are unlikely to get the years of service that you should expect. Secondly, there are often issues with warranties when non-branded watches fail.

Another thing that you should always avoid is purchasing your watch from an unauthorized dealer.

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