Mechanical Movements of Watches And Clocks


In the past, mechanical movements of watches and clocks are so abstract, so complex, and so beyond human comprehension that many seem to consider these as sorcery. Mechanical movements of clocks (watches especially) are so composite that those individuals with horological skills can only make the most perfect, fine tuned design, and make tons of wealth out of it. Just like a good winemaker or a boot maker, watch and clock makers are born out of strong tradition.

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The History of Military Pocket Watches


When clocks were invented, people were thankful that they can now assign and determine the exact time of the day. However, clocks big and immovable. They need smaller clocks that they can carry around with them.

This resulted in to the invention of the pocket watch, the first portable clock. The pocket watch was made in the 16th century. This was also the time that the spring driven clock was manufactured.

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