Different Styles of Watches that Fit Your Needs


Most of us love wearing watches not only because they are necessary but also because they are good accents to our everyday get-ups. That is why; there are different styles of watches made available to cater to people’s personal preferences and style.

By: Marco Verch

Though most wristwatches come in practically every imaginable shapes, sizes, materials and colors, there are still some styles of watches that forms some basis of practically most designs. The styles of watches most common today are the categorized according to its use. There are dress watches, designer watches, jewelry watches and sports watches. Sports watches include the dive watches and the pilot watches.

The most known styles of watches are the dress watches. These are those watches that are safe to be used on a daily basis. Dress watches are mostly gold and sometimes made with other precious metals. They do not have any markings and they have dials and hands that look simple. Likewise, their straps are thin with subtle stitching. Dress watches goes well with any daily get up, be it on office or schools.

The second styles of watches are the jewelry watches. Most of these watches are worn by the elites mostly on special affairs and the likes. Jewelry watches are remarkably heavily jeweled. For many, they prefer those that have diamond studs on their watches to create a more elegant and classy look. Jewelry watches are very expensive that is why these are not good for daily use.

styles of watches
By: alexkerhead

Designer watches are very popular among those that go for designer brands. Usually, these watches have distinctive shapes and can either be on a bracelet form or straps. Usually, the name of the designer itself can be visible on these watches. These styles of watches are relatively expensive especially if the designers are very well-known.

Sports watches are great for those who love sports. They fall under two major categories; the diving watches and the pilot watches. For the diving watches, they have specific features such as a waterproofing capability that can go underwater for certain depths. Pilot watches are for those that prefer their watches to be read easily. Sports watches are also expensive because of their multiple features not found on ordinary watches.

There are various ways on how to accessorize yourself with the proper styles of watches. Feel free to find the ones that are for you. And always make sure that your watches fit in to your needs and preferences.