Explanation of Diamonds and Diamond Watches

diamond watches


It has been said that diamonds are forever. And this is true. A diamond is the queen of all precious stones.

What is a diamond anyway? Surprisingly, diamond is just carbon, which is found everywhere in the world. So if it is found everywhere in the world, then why is it very precious?

diamond watches
By: christina rutz

Well, diamonds are carbon in a very concentrated form. This means that the molecules of the stone are so tightly bound. It takes an enormous amount of heat and pressure to force the molecules to bind to each other. We do not have the technology or the means to do that. But deep inside the earth, enough pressure and heat can force carbon molecules to fuse together tightly. That is why diamonds are formed deep in the earth’s mantle. It finds its way up to the surface through magma eruptions and kimberlite pipes.

After cutting, buffing and polishing, diamonds can then be fashioned into jewelry. They can also be incorporated in watches. These watches are aptly called diamond watches.

The term diamond watches is misleading. Diamond watches are not fashioned from whole blocks of diamonds.

Instead, diamond watches are made of stainless steel, brass or gold. Small diamonds are then glued or incrusted in those watches. The least expensive watches of this kind have diamonds that mark the hours of the watch. Some watches also have diamonds on its hands. There are also watches wherein diamonds are placed on the bezel, the ring that holds the watch face crystal in place.

The more expensive ones have diamonds all over the watch face. Some

diamond watches
By: Jessica Kay Murray

diamond watches even have a number of diamonds on the straps or on the strap mountings. Truly expensive diamond watches have gold alloys as casings. These watches are truly expensive and are considered modern treasures.

Just like any luxury watch, diamond watches can have a mechanical or quartz movement. These are housed in a stainless steel casing. Diamond watches are also quite tough. They can withstand hard impacts or a violent drop. Most are also water resistant up to 50 or more meters.

When wearing a diamond watch with an exposed stone such as one on the bezel, the wearer has to exercise caution. Diamonds are quite sharp. In fact, they are so sharp that they can cut through glass. If the wearer inadvertently touches the diamond on a glass surface, it is likely that the glass might be scratched or even cut. Also, he must be careful not to have the diamond watch touch other precious stones for the same reason.

When you are wearing a diamond watch, you are telling the public that you are a class above everyone else.