Famous Men’s Watches Define the Man


They say that men are not that obsessed with fashion the way women are, well at least not to the same extent. They consider other things more important than worrying about the newest trend in fashion. However, even if men don’t really take the time to read a latest GQ issue, there are a number of things that men can do to express a fashion sense. The most essential “thing” that every man must have is an excellent watch.

famous mens watches
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Men’s watches are frequently underestimated accessories. They have turned into more than simple devices that tell time, they are mirrors of a man’s personality. Quality famous men’s watches are the fastest ways of emanating confidence and successful image.

Any man can buy inexpensive Timex watches all through their life, which are actually among the category of famous men’s watches particularly for sports. However, what they should really be doing is investing in one remarkable timepiece that lasts a lifetime.

Every man “needs” a watch –it is simply an important accessory. One can put away those thumb-rings and gold chains, but they just can’t eliminate the need for a watch. Quality men’s famous watches may be expensive, but they will definitely be worth it in the long run. Here are some great famous men’s watches:

ESQ Freedom

The watch is from Esquire Watches and tags at $229.00. It is a ideally suited for young professionals or new university graduates. This is also a quality watch that is “kind” on the budget. Esquire watches are owned by Movado, makers of the well-known “Museum Watch”, a famous men’s watch that features a blank face except for a “dot” at twelve-o’clock. One is actually getting the worth of a $1,000 watch with only a price tag of $300. The watch is both sophisticated and sporty that it can be worn with jeans or a suit. Its features include “stainless steel bracelet” and is 100m “water resistant”.

Tag Heuer Kirium Quartz

Any professional portraying a refined personality, values quality, and has

famous mens watches
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the money to spend on a good watch, makes this watch perfect for them. Tag Heuer watches is famous for their finish and quality. The watch features a “high-polished steel case” and bracelet, date calendar, “electric blue” dial, unindirectional bezel, quartz movement, 39mm case diameter, and “screw down crown”. Price tag is at $1,495.

Famous men’s watches are “men essentials”. They’re not only expressive of ones personality but they also say a lot when it comes to quality, style, and endurance.