Historical Past of Citizen Watches

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There are many different businesses and companies that produce timepieces and watches today, however, there are not many that have been here longer than Citizen Watch Company. Moreover, you will discover only a handful of manufacturers that have been consistent in terms of the high quality of the products with which Citizens was founded on. The Citizen Watch Company is definitely the exception to the rule with regards to product quality. Citizen has resisted the temptation to earn greater profit at the expense of product quality. By remaining true to the quality standards and resisting the almighty dollar they are now one of the largest makers of timepieces and watches worldwide. They now have a significant presence in almost every major country worldwide. The uncompromising high style and quality of the watches produced by Citizen have made this true.


citizen watch
By: Jayson Shenk

The first watch created by Citizen was in 1924 and it utilized a new type of technological innovation to make it the slimmest and smallest of that time. It may be difficult to identify this watch against the timepieces that are produced today but a person with limited expertise may easily recognize the craftsmanship and quality of the watch and realize that it is indeed a Citizen Watch. This was the starting point for this company and the fate of the company and their products proceeded to go all uphill from there.The Citizen Watch Company was created 1930 six years after the production of their first watch and the company was immediately successful. This was partly due to the founder’s uncompromising need to provide better and nicer items to the marketplace as quickly as possible.

Contrary to many companies that postpone on new technology in order to ensure they do not cause damage to the current market, Citizen Watch Company rolled out products that it created right from the start and this strategy made a huge impact worldwide. This product strategy also made Citizen Watch the most disliked company among all of the other watchmakers worldwide.

The Citizen Watch Company currently employs greater than 3,000 people throughout the world. Citizen Watch is based in Japan and they thrive on introducing some of the finest designs and innovations in the world. Even with the constant striving for something new they still retain a market share in the production of standard watches they manufactured. This is an area that some other companies struggle with and it is not unusual for Citizen Watch to ruffle feathers and make enemies on a daily basis.


Citizen Watch Company was solely responsible for the very introduction of

citizen watch
By: Guillaume PILLET

the first shock resistant watch on the market. This became a large benefit for hard working people who had jobs that were affected by impact shock. This was a major concern for people working and wearing a watch. Workers were having to constantly take their watch in for repairs which were both expensive and annoying.Citizen also was successful in the diving world by designing the first professional model dive watch which included a built-in electronic sensor to measure the depth of the dive. This was a huge improvement on the previous dive watches and the feature alone endeared the company to numerous diving fanatics around the globe.

Citizen can also take credit for the introduction of the Analog Quartz watch which has single-handedly transformed how the world tells time. The latest thing that Citizen has done to change the watch making the world is the use of the Eco-Drive System. This is an environmentally friendly watch that uses a concealed solar cell embedded in the watch works. This solar cell gathers energy from both the sun and artificial light and transforms it into the needed energy to run the watch. Undoubtedly this is an extremely popular watch partly because of the benefits to the natural environment. It is no longer necessary for you to the store and buy a battery. It is also comforting to know that you no longer have to put an old battery in a landfill.

Overall the Citizen Watch Company continues to be responsible for among the best things to occur in timepieces and watches for the past many years. They are still one of the most popular brands of watches in the world and they retain a significant portion of the world marketplace with the most recent products available practically anywhere.