Selecting a Good Wristwatch

Great tips on Selecting a Good Wristwatch

There are a number of factors that are important when selecting a good wristwatch. A watch may be the most significant accessory used by someone. The watch represents a multitude of different factors. It represents the person’s personality, character, interest area, taste, and finally provides a fair perception of their financial status.

The Watches of Today

selecting a good wristwatch
By: Joe Haupt

Designs of today’s contemporary watches may range from classic to the ultra-modern and from chic to fun, and almost everything in between. It will come as no real surprise that there is probably a watch for almost every single occasion. Moreover, a growing number of companies are developing watches that best suit the various moods and personalities of an individual. There are unique watches which are designed to be used while performing a particular task such as mountain climbing, deep sea diving, etc. Generally speaking, there are countless choices available that cater to the various and constantly changing preferences of the population.

Difficulty in Selecting

Selecting a watch to meet your needs can be a challenging process, just imagine what selecting a watch for someone else may suggest. It’s a pleasant dilemma if nothing else, since whatever you choose may not be the right choice for the person you choose it for. Your decision is, in the end, your own personal decision, and should have no impact on another person’s individual taste. So exactly what is the appropriate watch for you?

Below are several ideas which may just help with your decision.

Your Needs

You will need to completely evaluate exactly what your needs the watch are. The first step is to answer the following questions: Is this going to be a watch for normal use? Is it going to use for a specific activity or use? Is this watch to be used for special occasions? When and where am I likely to use the watch? These are some of the initial factors that would influence selecting the watch.

The Purpose of The Watch

Deciding the purpose of the watch is going to be of paramount importance. This sounds silly but you will be amazed by this particular tip, however, the reality is that most people, today, don’t purchase a watch to just keep track of time.

Watches are used as a thing of elegance and also as an accessory. For these people, time is simply one aspect, great importance is given to whether the watch is going to complement their appearance and attire.

Watch Features

selecting a good wristwatch
By: gadgetdude

So what are the definitive features that you are looking for in the watch? Is it a great design? Do you want a simple or luminous dial? Do you want a watch for time as well as the date is shown? Are you looking for specialized features such as altitude?

All watches have certain key features that are common to every watch. However, if you want some exclusive features, then your can pick those that have a certain amount of style, and have a classic, romantic, or a futuristic range of features.

The Watch Face

For most people when buying a watch it is the face of the watch that is the determining factor. The watch face must the proper size to blend with the wrist size of the person wearing it.

If you have a wrist that is large and you wear a small watch, tt will not look elegant and will stand out. A general rule of thumb is men wear larger watches and women wear smaller.

Watch Straps

Most of the time people put less emphasis of the watch strap as opposed to the watch face. More thought and care should be given to the strap. The color and material complement the overall appearance of the watch and the overall consideration should be given to the strap as well. Picking the wrong strap or band could be just as bad as selecting the wrong watch face.Stainless steel bands are considered to be the best choice. They look good and are appropriate in almost all environments or settings. Another option would be a leather strap; however, leather is not always suitable for every occasion.

Price of The Watch

Watches are available in an extremely wide range of prices. With proper research and doing basic investigations, it is possible to find a watch that will meet all of your needs and still be affordable. Try to avoid buying exclusive watches if you can not afford them. They are expensive and there is a certain snob value attached to them.

It’s advisable not to get carried away when buying a watch. It is important to pick a watch that you like but stay within your budget. Another important fact to consider is the resale value of the watch you select. It would be advisable to select watches that you could trade for as your economic conditions or tastes change. By being smart you probably could upgrade your watch selection as things change.

Water Resistant Watches

Today most watches are water resistant. This is an extremely important feature, as there are going to be numerous instances where you and your watch will be exposed to water. It is important to ask the vendor what the term water resistant means. The term water-resistant can mean many different things to different vendors and manufacturers.

If you consider all of the tips above you really won’t go wrong when buying a watch. There is a word of caution: Resist the idea of impulse buying when you are buying a watch.