Selecting The Right Fitness/Sports Watch


For some reason, fitness and sports watches are generally large and have a durable physical appearance. This even includes sports watches for women. Women sport watches are commonly more useful in appearance compared to a more elegant or formal fashion timepiece. Generally, the first and most important thing to consider when picking a sports watch is understanding exactly what the function or purpose of the watch is. You can say that the reason for choosing a sports watch is really because you take part in sports, however, that does not automatically require a specific style of watch. Actually, people who take part in tennis might want a watch that seems to be more similar to a bracelet than the usual practical timepiece.

Watch Size

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By: Ged Carroll

The typical sports watch will often be considerably bigger than watches designed for formal instances. All watches generally speaking have become larger within the last several years. Deciding on a sports watch that’s not large enough to read the time and the various individual characteristics would be a complete waste of money. It is also true that picking a large ungainly watch may impact participating in selected sports, and might be harmful to the opponents and the player themselves. A watch that is too big will get caught on other objects and may result in injury. It is also hard on the watch.

Watch Dial

The watch dial must be big enough to easily see the numbers on the dial and be able to view the hand placement. A luminous face is effective in many instances. Hand placement or the digital readout with complete readability should be the primary and main goal of the watch. When there are additional functions on the watch face, they must be strategically placed and easily viewed. Hands versus digital display certainly are a matter of individual preference.

Water Resistance

Certainly swimmers, divers, or individuals who work or play in wet climate conditions will need to evaluate the actual water resistance level in the watch choices they may be thinking about. If you are a diver, remember that most sports watches are water-resistant to varying degrees, You should not assume that a watch rated for 50 meters is going to be okay at a depth of 49 meters.

Watch Construction Materials

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By: Arjan Richter

Virtually all sports watches are constructed with either titanium or stainless steel. Hardened titanium is durable and beautiful as is stainless steel and far less costly than sports watches made from precious metals like platinum or gold. The problem with gold is that it is easily scratched and less appealing for any type of sports watch. The favored material for sports watches is stainless steel.

Watch Band Composition

The material composition of the watch band generally is leather, metal, or some synthetic material, like plastic. You need to choose a watch band that will fit your wrist properly, regardless of the style of the watch or the composition of the band. Almost any watch that is chosen and is too loose will have the tendency to snag on objects when the person is active. If a watch band is too tight it is never going to be comfortable and may have a tendency to chafe and rub the skin of anyone wearing it.

A Word About Watch Crystals

The crystal on a watch is normally not an option on any watch including the sports watch. With that being true there are several things that are important about watch crystals. The harder the material of a watch crystal the higher quality it is. The common choice for watch crystals is synthetic sapphire because they are close to diamonds in the degree of hardness. Some less expensive watches will commonly use plastic or mineral glass. If mineral glass is used it is protected with a coating to ensure it is more scratch resistant.

Weight of The Watch

For any sports enthusiast, the weight of the watch may become critical. When you are wearing any watch that weighs over 100 grams and you will feel the weight of the watch. Sadly, not all watch manufacturers supply information or data on the weight of a sports watch in the technical specs.

Quartz vs Mechanical

The decision regarding a mechanical or quartz watch is more desired by who will likely determine the price you are willing to pay for a watch. Lower quality and priced watches normally are going to have a quartz movement. Higher priced and higher quality watches will almost always come mechanical movements. An exception to this may be the material that the watch case is constructed from such as a precious metal.

Watch Extras

A few add-ons will include a calendar, stopwatch, clocks with alarms, or other time zones. These extras are personal preference and are not found on all sports watches.

Summary of Sports Watches

In summary, choosing the perfect fitness or sports watch is really a matter of deciding how you will be using the watch and how it is going to feel and look on your arm. Checking out the level of quality of the watch is going to be essential unless you plan on replacing the watch occasionally. Ultimately, the price of the watch is going to be a key factor in selecting the perfect sports watch. You might want to consider searching for as high-quality watch that was maintained if you would like to get the highest quality for the price, however, you are going to lose some guarantee concerning the current condition of the watch.