The Discipline, Dedication and Determination of Military Watches


Accuracy and durability are two factors that are bound to make you fall in love with military watches. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, military watches pose a level of technical sophistication no ordinary watch could compare to. With functions needed to facilitate coordinated attacks, estimate/alert foot soldier distance and time missile strikes/launches, military watches simply stand out as functional watches.

As day/Month option “informers”, precision stop watches/timers, or alarms, military watches perform seamlessly. Regular watches have similar functions in them, but with military watches, accuracy truly plays a major role.

swiss military watch
By: Bill Bradford

Swiss Army would be the most popular brand of military watches. The finest of military watches coming out from Swiss Army’s production line have been given a mark of authenticity from the Swiss government itself. The only one of its kind in the world.

Swiss Army’s military watches, as durable and functional as they are, hold a price-to-quality status among its watch models. They are also among the most affordable watches of their class.

Stowa, another brand boasting military watches as part of their production lines, is not only known for their military watches, but for their deep sea divers watches as well. Since 1927, the best of German and Swiss engineering has been combined to create Stowa military watches, which are simply Grade A watches. With dive watches capable of handing depths that go beyond 3,300 feet, a casing made of top quality German brushed steel, Stowa watches are simply standard bearers as military watches.

Another impressive military watch brand, Vixa, is known as the most revered of military chronograph watches. Since the Second World War, Vixa has maintained a level of craftsmanship, bearing through the most modern of chronographic features in a watch.

Though notoriously copied (meaning knock-offs are rampant), Vixa

military watch
By: Howard Brier

watches hold a special place for watch collectors, considering it takes a trained eye to spot a genuine Vixa military watches.

Surplus stores and jewelers stand to be a “depot” for vintage military watches. Brands like Cyma, Omega, Precista CWC, and Tauchmeister can be found, some of them dating back to both World War eras. Vietnam Era watches are among the easiest to be found.

Antique Watch Company, UK, an online watch merchant, is an outstanding source for these military watches (not to mention brands otherwise mentioned). Replica watches can also be found from Antique Watch Company, UK.

In a world where options are endless, picking the perfect watch can be taxing. Military watches are good choices to consider, noted that these timepieces are designed to survive activity in a battlefield.