Three Famous Brands of Watch


In the past, watches were used purposely as time pieces. Today, they are more like fashion accessories aside and status symbols from being important time pieces. The brand of watches is considered to be an important fashion statement.


Just like any fashion item, many people buy branded watches. People wearing a famous brand of watch, especially if that brand is known to be expensive, are generally thought of as belonging to the upper class of society.

brands of watches
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If luxury watches is the issue, then undoubtedly, the most famous brand of watches of this kind is Rolex. This is a privately owned Swiss company that manufactures wristwatches and accessories. Rolex is known for the quality and prestige of their watches. Needless to say, their watches cost a fortune and their watches have become status symbols of the wealthy and powerful.

Rolex also prides itself for being the first company to produce a watch case that is waterproof, a wristwatch with a date on its dial and one that indicates two time zones at the same time. They also managed to be the watchmakers, first to earn a chronometer certificate.

Seiko is another famous brand of watches. This is Japanese watch company caters to the general public. The brand is best known for their quality and sturdy mechanical and quartz wristwatches. They are also known for their advanced technology. They are the first company to produce the quartz watch.

Seiko is a company that manufactures their watches purely in-house. This

brands of watches

means that all items, even the oil used for lubrication, are produced by Seiko factories. Other watch manufacturers have different parts for their watches made by different companies.

Seiko also has the distinction of making the first spring drive movement. In this new technology, the power of the spring in the watch not only operates the hands of the watch. It also generates electrical power for a crystal oscillator that is used to regulate the speed of the wheels inside the clock.

Another famous brand of watches is Swatch. Swatch is the largest watch company in the world. Over the past few years, they have acquired many Swiss luxury brands.

brands of watches
By: Cory Owen

Although their watches are marketed to the general public, it seems that Swatch appeals so much more to the youth. Swatch watches are popular because of their modern, trendy designs. The features of their watches are unique. For example, Swatch watches have interchangeable faces and wristbands.

These are just three famous brands of watches. There are more such as Citizen, Tag Heuer, Citizen and many others. All watches belonging to these brands are assuredly high in quality.