Timing the Past with Casio Watches


In April of 1946, Tadao Kashio established what is known as Casio Computer Co., Ltd. With a background in fabrication technology, seeing electronic calculators during a Business Show in Ginza (the first of its kind in 1949) inspired this innovative engineer, leading to the creation of a desk-sized electronic calculator in 1954.

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By: hobvias sudoneighm

By 1957 the Model 14-A, the world’s first electric compact calculator, came out, thus truly making Casio Computer Co., Ltd, in the sense the world understands now. By 1974 the Casiotron came out, being the first watch with a digital display, utilizing the technology then available at Casio’s hands.

Since then, an array of Casio watches has come out from production lines. 1981 saw the birth of a wristwatch calculator combination, which caused the world to develop quite an interest in Casio watches. By 1982 that same active interest with Casio watches grew more aggressive as Casio came up with the analog/digital watch combination. This particular Casio watch simply had the watch hands over a digital screen.

In 1983 a milestone within the ranks of Casio watches came out. The first G-Shock watch came out, boasting its toughness and durability. Shock resistant, dust resistant, water resistant, the G-Shock became Casio’s toughest contender in the cutthroat competition against other watch brands. Come 1992, Casio watches for professional divers came with bundled features that made divers need them, not necessarily just want them. These Casio watches could determine water temperature, diving depth and updated diving time, giving divers more than just a regular watch.

1994 saw the birth of an integrated watch/remote control for various audio

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players and television sets, as 1997 came to see the birth of the Baby-G Casio watch, the G-Shock for girls (as the G-Shock did come as “too bulky” for girls). Outdoor enthusiasts got quite a hit in 1998 when Casio watches integrated with an altimeter, a barometer, a thermometer and a digital compass came out from production. By 1999 the world was introduced to the first watch with PC connectivity capabilities. Casio watches of this type could connect with a computer (via infrared technology), synchronizing one’s date book and other data.

The new millennium came to know of Casio’s integrated audio player watch, as well as the first integrated digital camera watch, strengthening Casio’s determination to come up with the best of the best.

As it’s known for its wide variety of integrated functions, Casio watches have gone from one innovation to another, getting better and better upon the entry to another level.

Truly, a giant in the realm of watches.